Wyndford estate

During late 2012 and early 2013, the original electric night storage heating in the multi-storey and low rise housing at the 1960s Wyndford estate, Maryhill, Glasgow was replaced by a district heating system, providing heating and hot water from a gas-fired Combined Heat and Power generator located on the estate. External cladding and new windows have also been installed at most of the multi-storey blocks. Wyndford is owned by Cube Housing Association, and is mainly social housing, but has a small number of privately owned houses, mainly in the maisonettes. SSE operate and maintain the heating system, and provide metering and billing services, under a long term contract with Cube.

We surveyed residents at the Wyndford estate before and after the new heating system was installed. The first interviews were in late 2012 (and in early 2013 for owners) as the district heating was being installed, and the second were a year later, in late 2013 and early 2014. In addition to asking about energy bills, we were interested in residents experience with both the old and new heating systems, including levels of satisfaction, impacts on health and wellbeing, and the aspects of the new system which residents felt were important to them.


Heat and the City reports

Documents provided to Wyndford residents

The following set of documents illustrates some of the material Cube and SSE have provided to users of the district heating system. This is in no way a comprehensive set of documents, but gives an indication of the types and formats of information that have been provided to users.  

Cube Housing Association documents

SSE documents


Heat pipes running along the outside of some maisonettes before being covered
Heat pipes running along the outside of some maisonettes before being covered.

A trench dug for heat pipes, with pipes lying ready to be installed.

One of the 26 storey blocks of flats midway through being insulated.

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