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Sustainable Urban Energy Policy: Heat and the city.

By David Hawkey, Janette Webb, Heather Lovell, David McCrone, Margaret Tingey, Mark Winskel. 2016.

'Debates about the future of energy systems often focus on electricity, and pay insufficient attention to the energy we use as heat in homes and businesses. This book is an exception. It is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to understand the organisational, economic and policy challenges of implementing more sustainable heat infrastructures in cities.' – Jim Watson, Director, UK Energy Research Centre

'Sustainable Urban Energy Policy provides an excellent critical and comparative analysis of the obduracy of existing heating systems and the remarkable difficulties of transforming these into sustainable heat networks. Although the technologies of sustainable heating are well understood, this book powerfully demonstrates that social and political issues explain why the alternatives are not implemented at scale in the city. If you want to properly understand why more effective intervention is crucial to realise the wider societal and environmental potential of metropolitan wide heat networks then read this book.' – Simon Marvin, Director of the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield, UK

Heat and the City is a research programme examining the development of sustainable, low carbon heating in urban areas.

Heat and the City poster - click for higher resolution pdf Our multi-disciplinary research addresses a major gap in UK sustainable energy policy, which is the neglect of energy used for heating and hot water in buildings. The project is funded by the UK Research Councils’ Energy and Communities Programme, and is one of seven projects which place society, environment and economy at the centre of the public debate. Our research findings are summarised in our project brochure. We focus particularly on the potential contribution of community heat (and cooling) networks, combined with energy saving improvements to existing and new buildings. Read more.

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